Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Look!

New look for April!

I love changing my blog background, if you cannot tell by now :]
It keeps things exciting. Extremely nice one this time.

Who can't love this one?
Reminds me of a warm day at the beach... on a yacht!! LOL.


Past Looks:

March 2009

God bless you and see you soon!,

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  2. Hello Whitney! Thank you for following my blog :-) I enjoy yours too, it's lovely! I extend my friendship to you. Please join me at http://friendshipsociety.ning.com you can make new friends and promote your blog too :-) Wishing you happiness, Katherine P.S. love the background!

  3. Hello there new blogger friends,
    Thanks for stopping by and complimenting. I am a coupon shopper!! I love a good deal and especially if it means saving for my twins.
    You too have lovely blogs(s).

    Have a blessed day!


May the Lord bless you. And, please leave a link to your blog as well so that I can stop by and visit! ;)